Our Services
SLA will offer an easily accessible gate to dispatch lifesaving services, anywhere, anytime at premier level of care and training to patrons and community.

Our services include:

1. Advanced Life Support Emergency Response:
SLA has identified that in the event of a true, life-threatening medical emergency, the time taken to get the appropriately trained paramedics to the side of the patient is the single most important deciding factor in the overall recovery of that patient. As a result, SLA has made the significant financial investment in Advanced Life Support Paramedic based rapid response vehicles dedicated to the clients of SLA. This ensures that in the event of an Emergency, resources are always available only a few minutes away.

SLA is not affiliated to any hospital group or ambulance service and operate independently so any recommendations made by the paramedics on these vehicles will be unbiased and to the best interest of the patient.
2. Medical Management:
  • Supplying qualified and registered Advanced Life Support Paramedics for medical emergencies
  • Event Stand-by
  • Setting up, staffing and managing clinics for Primary Health Care issues
  • Supplying and maintaining First Aid Kits
  • Regular First Aid training of key people to remain current and competent in basic First Aid
  • Weekly reports on incidences and advice on possible precautions to avoid recurrence.
3. Health and Safety Audits:
  • Monthly or bi-monthly external audits and quality control of measures in place
  • Work shops to increase knowledge and encourage ownership and responsibility of each employee for their own health and safety.
4. Health Awareness
  • Cholesterol, Glucose and Blood Pressure Testing at events, functions and expeditions.
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