19 JUNE 2012

Hi everyone involved,

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the team of paramedics who helped my mom on 25 May. She had a bad fall and had to be rushed to Sandton clinic for x-rays, tests, etc. The back pain mom experienced was unbearable and we were extremely scared, stressed and confused.

The response time of the Lonehill Emergency Medical Response team was 6 minutes. Paramedics acted very quick and professional. I would recommend to sign up for their services to all Lonehill residents who care about their loved ones. It is really worth it.

Thank you for getting this service up and running in Lonehill. Having to know horrible stories recently spread by media on extremely slow and absolutely unacceptable response of other medical emergency services, I realize it is a privilege to have such a great service available to Lonehill residents. Hope it will carry on operating and helping those in need of urgent medical response.

Thank you!
Kind Regards
Natalia Zubova

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5 MARCH 2012

This message comes from Mr Swain and the staff and pupils of our school. We had an emergency incident on Wednesday the 22nd of February whereby one of our pupils fell on the stairs in the Senior Phase. He was badly hurt, and a member of staff called your Emergency Medical Response. They responded within about 3 minutes, and were so professional and took care of all the needs of this pupil. We were all amazed and very grateful for the assistance. Mr Swain’s comments…” Well worth the membership to this facility” thanks you very much for everything.

Elizabeth Critten
Crawford Preparatory School - Lonehill
Thank you

20 FEBRUARY 2012


This time my apologies for not acknowledging or replying sooner.

On the 16th December we had a medical emergency arise and made a call to the newly established EMR service offered by LRA - even though we were not subscribers.

My husband was at the refuse dump at Kyalami when he found himself very dizzy and with an alarming visual disturbance and feeling the need to pass out. After waiting some time hoping the situation would resolve and thereby enable him to drive back to Lonehill. The problem calmed down somewhat allowing him to drive back but by the time he reached the gate of the house, he was in trouble again. He thought he was on the way to a stroke.

The decision was made to call on this service.

Within minutes, Bradley the Paramedic arrived and immediately began doing the necessary testing and investigating. He decided that it was necessary to summon the ambulance which arrived within minutes and was manned by 2 Paramedics. Bradley accompanied my husband in the ambulance to the Sandton Medi Clinic ER and then handed him over to the doctor in charge.
After hours of observation and consultation with 2 specialists he was admitted to the ICU for further investigation.

He spent the night in ICU was discharged the following day – with a clean bill of health. Thank the Lord. Odd occurrence for a fit fella.

The experience with the Emergency Medical Response Paramedics was exceptional and the quality of medics is to be highly commended. Their competency and attitude was outstanding and I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the help we received.

Margie Mitchell


Subject: Your very kind and helpful paramedics

Hi All

I want to thank the three paramedics we met up with today at the Leaping Frog centre, who were kind enough to take the time to look at my friend's leg injury, after she fell today, and to clean and dress her wound, plus give her the good advice to have her leg x-rayed. She went straight to Life Hospital where she was treated for a broken ankle.

I feel the prompt medical care for this injury is entirely thanks to the paramedics, who have probably saved my friend endless complications in the long run since she is rather frail.

Bless you.

Thank you also for your leaflet, we have forwarded the details to our estate manager for consideration by the residents of Quarrywood complex in The Straight road, Pineslopes. We certainly think it is worth signing up!

Kind regards,
Mimi Brodie

30 JANUARY 2012

So impressed!

We took ownership of Lonehill Village Nursery school in January and change the name to Lonehill Little Learners.

Ian Bell visited us and explained how we could become part of the Emergency Medical Response, as you can imagine we were more than happy to participate, BUT what we didn't realize is that we would need them today!!

Kelly I just have to tell you that it is a long time since we have been SO IMPRESSED with a service delivery! WOW! Anita was at our boom as I got there to warn the security guard, and set to work in such a professional manner, giving our little boy such a thorough check and reassuring us that all was well. It was a HUGE comfort to his mom when I was able to phone and give her a report on what had happened. Happily all was well but with young children one can never be too careful.

When Mark and Anita arrived a few hours later to check that all was still well we were blown away!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for making this facility available to our community, I will spread the word at every opportunity!

Kind regards
Priscilla Davidson

27 JANUARY 2012

Hi all

Mr. Elrich from 3 Hoognehout called SLA out last night to attend to his wife who had fallen; he had nothing but praise for SLA and would like me to extend a very big thank-you to everyone who assisted.

Kelly Braum

12 JUNE 2012

Thank You!

Such peace of mind…

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to Bradley from the Lonehill paramedics who came out to us a couple of weeks ago Tuesday. It was late in the evening already and my 7 month old was breathing with a crackle – pneumonia?? We phoned the Life hospital and they had an hour waiting time! Not knowing whether it was serious or not – I thought of phoning our Lonehill emergency number as we are registered and Bradley answered and said he would come straight away! I was definitely not expecting him to come – I just wanted advice. This was wonderful - he came and checked out my son – oxygen content and severity of crackle breathing etc. and suggested that we wait it out rather and see a paediatrician the following day as it was not quite serious enough to rush him off to hospital just yet. What a relief this was – firstly having an expert opinion and checking and knowing that help was just a phone call away if he got worse in the middle of the night!! Thank you Bradley – I’m sorry this mail is so late, time just flies so quickly! But we were truly impressed with your speed, efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and lastly friendliness and calm manner! It was so welcome that night!

Thanks for a brilliant service offered to us residents!

Kind Regards
Lorna Kurz
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14 MARCH 2012

Medical Response

Hi there,

I would like to say how very impressed we were at Crawford Lonehill Pre-Primary on Monday afternoon, when one of our little boys, Matt Storm was stung in the mouth by a bee. He had an allergic reaction and the quick response of the Medical Response unit saved his life. They were caring, professional and totally dedicated to what they do. Many thanks from all the staff at the School. Can send a photo of Matt if you would like to publish this!!!!!

Many thanks,
Ros Truelock
Crawford Pre-Primary Lonehill

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