About Us

Company Description
SLA was registered as a Close Corporation in 2006 in response to a need for medically related services around the world.

SLA’s focus is on providing complete specialised solutions for clients ranging from high-ranking corporates, to staff in remote and hostile environments, ensuring that medical needs are analysed and appropriate solutions planned, implemented and managed.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Emergency Medical Care Services include the provision of pre-hospital medical and trauma emergency care, counselling, event stand-by, training of new staff and telephonic advice.

Emergency Management
SLA is a private service, but in the event of a disaster, the company can execute a disaster plan for any kind or size of disaster. SLA will also have the ability to utilize its resources to enable regular business to continue as normal. We will liaise with:

  • Private & Government Hospitals & emergency services
  • Larger & Smaller Private Services (Approved services)
  • Aero-medical Services (incl. their capabilities)
  • Fire & Rescue Teams (Land, Air & Water) including:
    • Air Force
    • Mountain rescue South Africa
    • 4 x 4 Rescue team
    • K9 Rescue
  • Poison Control Centre
  • Hazmat units
  • Disease Control Department
  • SAPS & Metro
The service will be able to collaborate with other EMS services and governmental services to ensure an express service. In regions outside of the current fleet footprint, other services will become service providers to our clients and public in those regions.
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